Monday, September 14, 2015

Nails on point

If you are like me then you love having your nails painted, you also own  too many nail polishes and refuse to have your nails done by a salon on the regular! Lucky for you I happen to know a nail guru who has now saved all of our nails from chipping after day 1!

1st start with clean manicured nails. Even if you don't have any nail polish on to begin with I recommend using an alcohol wipes just to clean the dirt away.

Then start with the nail color you want to use. This time I picked up Nicole "Keep Your Grey Job" it was an essential find on a CVS run this past weekend. Paint one coat of the color and then let dry.

Your next coat is going to be your "gel" coat. I used Essie gel setter. Again paint all your nails and let dry.

 From there move on to 1 more coat of your color then let dry.

The last and final coat will be with whatever top coat you choose. For this I was using OPI top coat but my nail guru said you absolutely have to have to have to use Seche Vite top coat. She told me she wouldn't even paint her nails without this, so that means it's legit and already on order for me :)

Hope you enjoy your new amazing manicure process brought to you by Maggie aka the nail guru!

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