Monday, June 30, 2014

Hair Lust

I tend to stick with what I know and what I'm comfortable with when it comes to my hair. My close friends will tell you I freak out when I get an inch trimmed off and think it's short but this past winter I decided to be bold and cut about 4 inches off(in my head that was like a foot!) Needless to say the change was great and I loved it but have decided to let my hair grow out a bit longer. Being that I have a hair cut tomorrow I always look up celeb hair do's to find the one I most want to mimic Here are some of my favorite hair cuts right now!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I want to say thank you to everyone who has purchased a bracelet from me in the past few weeks! It has been so much fun making these and seeing how much everyone enjoys them! I'll be working on more so make sure to follow my instagram profile here. Below are the cutest beads I just bought to make bracelets with as well as a couple bracelets for sale! All are $20! Email me with questions or if you would like to order any of the bracelets you see here at:

Poshmark update

If you dont know what Poshmark is then you're missing out. It's a great way to sell your used or new clothing without having to hassle with ebay and shipping and paypal or check etc. But it's very similar to ebay in the sense that it's secure and you do not have to worry about scams or anyone stealing your info. I actually signed up for Poshmark several months ago but didnt really know what I was doing and I had a weird username and no one could find me. Anyhow I've deleted my old account and created a new one, so if you followed the old make sure to follow @aimeepchang instead! I've listed new items and some are great finds. Make sure to browse around my followers as well. There are some awesome finds on Poshmark so make sure to check it out!

Monday, June 16, 2014


Let's go back...left picture circa 2010 and right 2008! I have always loved rompers my very 1st one (the black one) was made by Lauren Conrad when she had her designer line. I remember seeing it and thinking no way can that be cute and I loved it. I actually still own this romper 6 years later-oops! They are such a fun summer staple to have and so easy to throw on with sandals at the beach or out and about. Here are my pics for jumpers and rompers!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Birthday Wish List

1./2./3./4./5. I also like 5 in this color!

Next week is my 28th bday, woop woop! For as long as I can remember I have always made a list of items I want for birthday's and Christmas's. I dont want everything on the list but by me making a list it gives my family options hahaha! I know some people like to be surprised but I don't at all (I read the end of books, I like to know the end of movies before I see them) I think it's a control thing and clearly I am a control freak-ha! But anyhow seeing as this is my birthday month it's time for me to make a list again! Here are some items on my birthday wish list this year!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Make up Favorites

A few months ago I posted on facebook asking for suggestions for new make up to try. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions! During the past 2 months I have tried SO MANY and I repeat SO MANY different foundations and powders but yet came back to the good ole faithful Bare Minerals. This time I decided to use the pressed powder and thanks to a friends blog The Gloss Guide (which is so cute and a MUST READ) I learned about a new CC cream that I've been using under my powder. Here are my favorite make up items!

Bare Minerals Ready Foundation- this is a great pressed powder that goes on super smooth and not powdery at all. I wear R250 which is equivalent to the medium beige in the loose powder. I put this on with the precision face brush. Also right now you can get 20% off plus free shipping with the code WELOVEYOU on the website.

Nars Bronzing Powder in Laguna- I've just discovered this bronzer and it by far trumps my normal go to Benefit Hoola. Don't let the dark color scar you it doesn't go on anywhere near that dark. It's perfect for every skin tone and has just the right about of shimmer yet not too much. It's a little bit pricier but well worth every penny and lasts forever! I recommend putting it on with this brush. 

Bare Minerals Ready Blush Aphrodisiac- It came out a lot pinker in the picture than it is in real life, so definitely check it out in person. This blush was compared to Nars but is $8 cheaper which isn't a ton but it's just as good so might as well save money right? This is a perfect pinkish color and yet again goes great with every skin type. You can also use the Sephora collection #73 brush to apply this to

Lumene Time Freeze CC cream- Like I said above I just learned about this here on the Gloss Guide. I have always used a regular moisturizer under my make up but since I've found this it's my new replacement. You can also use this CC cream without any powder and just apply bronzer. I'm wearing the medium color right now and it matches pretty well. It was also just on sale at CVS for $7.99 so it's worth trying right?! I have been putting this on with my hands. I mainly use it on my nose and cheeks under the Bare Minerals powder. 

Benefit Fake Up Concealer- love love love this concealer. I cannot say enough good things about it. It looks like a chapstick tube with color in in the middle. It has vitamin E and apple seed extract to hide dark circles. I put this on under my eyes let it dry for a minute them blend it in. It comes in 3 shades, I use light in the winter but not and transitioning into the medium color.

Smashbox Jet Set Eyeliner- this waterproof eye liner stays on forever! It doesn't smudge or smear once it dries and you can create a ton of different looks with an angled brush like this one. It goes on really smooth and is easy to apply which is a plus. I usually don't wear eye liner on the week days, just because I don't really care to for work so this isn't a normal part of my daily routine. But I def recommend this.

Mac Naked Lunch and Shale- these are my 2 favorite colors of eye shadow. I won't wear MAC face makeup but their eye shadows are the best! They stay on so well and are great colors. I have worn Naked Lunch for years it's the perfect base color it's very neutral with a hint of pink. Shale is a newer color I've added and it's kind of grey-ish so it's a perfect crease color.

Bare Minerals Prime Time Lightening- this is great to wear alone or put under your eye shadows. This really makes your eye shadow last much longer than if you were to wear them without it. It's a neutral goldish color with a hint of sparkle. And yet again you can use WELOVEYOU to get 20% off and free shipping.

Bare Minerals Lash Domination- my new favorite mascara. I still always have go to L'Oreal on hand but this mascara really does add a lot of length and volume. The brush head has twisted bristles and goes on each individual lash without clumping.

Tarte Eye Lash Curler- I have always used a cheap eye lash curler until I was introduced to this one from Tarte last year. Their mascara is only so so but this lash curler is the best! Make sure to put one coat of mascara on and let it dry FULLY before curling your lashes. I have heard so many horror stories of girls pulling out their eye lashes while curling them!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bling Bling

Normally I go for a statement necklace and small stud earrings (these and these are my go tos) but lately I've been trying to stock up on more statement earrings! Here are my favs right now!

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