Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wedding Attire

Wedding Attire...

Wedding season has been going on for me for 2 years and there is no end in sight! Ryan and I had 10 weddings to go to last year (1 being our own)! And yet again 9 in total this year. Maybe next year all of our friends will be married and we wont have anymore to go to haha! That being said I LOVE shopping for wedding attire! I've picked out 4 different looks to choose from! 

This is a more formal look for a night time wedding. Coral is a great color to go with a summer tan! I would wear my hair in a fancy side ponytail to show off the pretty earrings! Since the dress has a lot of lace and the earrings and bracelet are pretty bold I wouldn't wear a necklace.

 Dress   Shoes   Necklace   Earrings
Ok so I normally would not commend wearing white to a wedding but this Kate Spade dress is just too cute, and you can get it from Rent the Runway for only $85. If you're like me and dont usually like to rewear your dresses this is a good option! Love the ankle strap on these shoes (which I own) ankle straps always elongate your legs! The bold necklace will look great with this! 

Love this loft dress! It fits so well and is actually 50% off online right now, so even better! Yet again paired with these ankle strap shoes. I would just wear bold earrings and no other jewelry. This is a perfect look for long loose curls! Could be dressed up or go more casual!

This look is perfect for a casual wedding. This blue Jcrew linen dress could also be paired with flat sandals for a lunch outing! I love these Nine West wedges because they are a little bit dressier but come with the comfort to dance all night with the wedding crew! Pink lipstick and you are golden :)

Happy wedding season to all :)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Warning...creepy eyes
So I know the pictures of eyes in this are very creepy but oh well you get the point! I love big eye lashes. If I could have fake eye lashes year round I would but A. they are expensive to keep up and B. it's not really good for your eye lashes. So as a girl we find other ways to deal...MASCARA

Here's my reviews on several mascara brands....from Maybelline to Dior here we go!

1. Maybelline Colossal Volume:

This Mascara is GREAT for volume! I always buy the blackest color you can get to make my eye lashes stand out more. It doesn't flake off on your face throughout the day and it makes your eye lashes thick! It has a thick brush which is good if you have big eyes.It washes off easily too which is always a good thing. Even better you can get this at any drug store for no more than $7 (I ALWAYS have this in my make up bag!

2. Mac False Lash Extreme Black:

Yet again another super dark black mascara. As you can see this is great to make your lashes look long! It goes on so smooth and dries quickly which makes coating it on good if you're in a hurry! Doesn't give much volume but give the image of long false eye lashes. It's got a long slim brush to add drama to your lashes. I really like this mascara but not my fav of all time. It's around $20 so definitely more of a splurge than your local drugstore purchase. 

3. Loreal Original Voluminous 

My go to mascara that I have used literally since freshman year of college. If they every discontinued this I would be distraught! I love this mascara and is probably one of my favorites of all time. I can't say enough good feedback on this. It makes your lashes long and  fine. It dries slow but once it dries you and coat it on and on and they never clump! Washes off easily and goes on smooth. Yet again another purchase around $6-7 you can get at any local drug store.

4. Dior Show

I had such high hopes for this mascara because I had only heard good things about it. So I made the splurge of $25 and got it. This mascara is a powder base which makes it more dry when it goes on your lashes. I was told they use this in theater because it's so wonderful. I wasn't very impressed. It took so many coats to go on and then it was flakey on my face throughout the day. Def not worth the price considering how many other brands there are for less! 

5. Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara- Bare Minerals

Love this one too! I got it in a box full of eye shadows/lip glosses/ and mineral veil. I only wear Bare Minerals on my face so I have nothing but good things to say about the company! This is great mascara for both length and volume. It's got a big thick brush to coat all of your lashes, doesn't flake, and stays on all day. It's about $18 but well worth it!

My best option is to mix #1 and #3- you get long length and full volume. Coat on the Maybelline first then let it dry and coat on Loreal! I promise you will not be let down with this combo!
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