Thursday, January 30, 2014

Travel must haves

As I said in my post last week I am finally getting to go to the wonderful island of Oahu this weekend. I can't even begin to describe how excited I am to get out of the cold in Nashville and to the sunshine of Hawaii!! Clearly we will be traveling via plane which means being in the airport with lots of sick individuals (get your flu shot people!!) I have traveled in airports many times and always make sure I have these few essential items with me. So with this post I decided to share my travel must haves when flying!

1. Evian mineral spray: here Sephora has a special 2 for $14. Being in the air dries your skin out so much so this is the best to add some hydration back to your face!
2. Bath and Body Works "look ma new hands" hand cream: here $6 for one or $12 for 3 travel sized items. Worlds best hand cream and not greasy at all! You'll need this after all the handwashing you do in airports
3. Sugar hydrating lip treatmenthere $22. This is the perfect chapstick/tint I have ever used. It's so soft and makes your lips feel very hydrated!
4. Bare Minerals tinted mineral veilhere I got a small travel size in a kit that I received for Christmas and it's the perfect size to keep in my purse. I love the tinted mineral veil because it's not as thick as regular powder but just enough to freshen your face.
5. Stella and Dot scarf- When I travel I am always cold and I love the Stella and Dot scarves because they are big enough to wrap around your body and give you that extra bit of warmth! They are all about $59 and can be purchased here They have tons of great prints!
6. Orbitz gum- must have to freshen your breath and keep your ears from popping during take off and landing. This gum is usually $1.97 at CVS (I buy this like smokers buy cigarettes #gumaddict)
Due to me always being cold and the fact that plans are usually cold I always travel with a big scarf that you can wrap around yourself!
7. Purell hand sanitizer-  and of course hand sanitizer, any will work just use it people! Airports are very dirty to me with so many people coming and going so I'm constantly washing my hands or using sanitizer. The small size bottle is usually around $2 in any grocery store!

Now get out and travel!

Monday, January 27, 2014


To me jewelry is such a fun way to add some flair to any outfit. Whether you are wearing a tshirt and jeans or a cocktail dress you can always add a little extra something by throwing on a bright piece of jewelry! My husband and I just finished the building process on our house and I finally have a big closet to display all of my jewelry in!

With that being said here are some of my favorite pieces of jewelry and designers right now:

Kendra Scott- love anything and everything she makes! these are 2 pieces I really want right now. Necklace onsale for $149.97 earrings $65

Alex and Ani- everyone loves a stack-able Alex and Ani bangle. The designers made these bangles as "expressive pieces" to share a positive message with others. These make a perfect gift! Shop them here most are in the $20-30 range and go up from there!

Diana Warner- Diana is a friend of my husbands and does great pieces! I wore a pair of her earrings here on my wedding day! The necklace above is a long drop statement piece. It's GORGEOUS in person and looks awesome with a little black dress or a plain peplum top. This is a pricier item but a must have you can purchase this here for $198. These green earrings are also a must have and with green being my favorite color I cant turn down a perfect pair of green earrings, these are $97 and can be purchased here

JoJo Loves You- I received a pair of these earrings from my sister in law last year for Christmas and I literally wear these earrings at least 3 times a week! They are so cute and are a perfect amount of flair for a stud earring. They all range in the $20-30 price you can purchase them here

Reece and Blaire- My new obsession! These are hand made adorable baubles by 2 southern girls who are just so cute! I got 2 of these baubles for Christmas and plan to get more from there. They are so cute stacked together with several other pieces as well. I definitely think this is a great gift to give because they are so reasonably priced. You can see their stuff here And they just launched those simple dainty necklaces and are only $24!! That's a must have!

Now accessorize away :)

Friday, January 24, 2014

Hawaii= Spring Fever!

I know it's 5 degrees in Nashville but with a Hawaii trip a week away I can't help but think about the sun and spring and bright colors! I absolutely love Jcrew Factory, it may be "last years" items but for the most part they are still in style. Some of the fabrics can be a less quality than the actual Jcrew store so if you have the option to go to  Factory store I would suggest doing so. With that being said here are some of my favorite new arrivals and they are 30% off right now so go check them out!

Factory dotted top $52 here
Factory stripe tunic $50.50 here
Factory pencil skirt $59.50 here
Scalloped shift dress $68.50 here
5" shorts $38 here
Factory Triangle top $27.50 here
Factory bikini bottoms $27.50 here
Factory floral necklace $38 here

Always be on the lookout at the factory store and website because they will run extra specials! Hope this makes you think of warm places and not the frigid cold outside!!

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