Monday, September 28, 2015


The consistency is kind of gel-like and sticky but that is what really seeps into your skin to plump it!

Have you guys heard about Nip and Fab products? If not go out to your local Target or Walgreen's and immediately purchase an item! Lately I've several instagram posts featuring these items but every time I tried to find one they were always sold out. Any how the main items I was looking for were the Glycolic Exfoliating Pads and the Cellulite Fix because I'll admit it I was not born with perfectly smooth legs haha!

After a week of trying the glycolic pads I don't really notice a difference but I like the smell and the way it makes my face feel so I'm going to continue using them once a day. Now the cellulite fix I don't know whether it's me wanting to see results (aka imagining) or if I really am but I honestly think this stuff is working. I cannot say enough good things about this. I have tried skin brushing (crazy but I do it often) and even Bliss Fat Girl Soap (which doesn't work, don't waste your money) Every day after I get out of the shower I put St Ives Collagen lotion on and then take the Cellulite fix and apply it in an upward motion to the backs of the legs. It definitely has reduced the appearance of cellulite, whether it is a short term fix or not I don't know yet. All I know is that I'm hooked!

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